Pickup Lines For Guys For Action

Depending upon the environment you in, there are pickup lines for guys that can yield some unbelievable results. Unbelievable means just that. For instance, if you are in a nightclub and spot the one you want to take home…tonight! What are you going to say to pull it off? You may need more than pickup lines for guys alone. You may need a rabbit's foot in your left pocket and one in the right. It's not that the task is impossible. It's just not that easy.

Suppose it is a girl you have talked to a couple of times on a friendship type level and you want to get with her in the worst way. Being a friend with no benefits is, well, not beneficial. So you can hit her up with a pick up line like this: “I think you are a pretty cool girl. Too sad, too bad that things would never work out with us. You are totally not like the girls I date.” Bang, you have peaked an interest in her that will definitely get you a reaction. With the luck of the rabbit foot in your pocket, she is going to want to know more and you will give her more.

In a case like this, it is imperative that you have some conversation pieces in you, especially on the subject you just spoke about. The more you give her mind, the more she is going to want to know. Then you can take the conversation into another dimension, in your apartment.